chris_bliss_79 (chris_bliss_79) wrote in sick_kids,

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New Here

Hi I'm Chris and I'm new here so I thought I should introduce myself.

It seems like I have a million problems and conditions and take 11 different prescriptions every month.

My anxiety gets so bad that I overuse in particular my xanax and klonopin.  I plead with my doctor every time I see him to please increase the milligram or dosage because I just can't even leave the house sometimes because of my anxiety.

I used to abuse painkillers and while I still crave them badly, I try to stay away from them and usually request a non-narcotic painkiller when I need painkillers.

I also crave adderall (sp?) because of the weight I could lose on it.

That's a briefing on my fucked up life.
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