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Hey guys,
I am new here and everyone please excuse my bad english, I am from germany.

My story:
1 year after the death of my mother (cancer) I got really depressive and at first I didn't know what was wrong. I had no energy left and stayed in bed. I didn't attent my final exams in university,because I couldn't get up. I lost the desire to eat, drink and breathe. I began cutting myself and watching the movie "thirteen" about the messed up teeangers every day.

My psychiatrist prescribted me Paroxetin and in the beginning it got worse. I had more energy but still the suicidal feelings were there. After 7 weeks on Paroxetin I tried to kill myself with Aspririn and Tavor. Did'nt work and I landed on the intensive care station in hospital and after that was admitted to a therapy centre.

2 years filled with therapy and too much pills passed, right now I am still taking Paroxetin and feeling a lot of better. I am working as a primary teacher and my mood is great.

I tried to paper the pills of but I had severe withdrawl problems. Cany anyone with knowledge about antidepressants help me? I would appreciate it...
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I used to take paroxetin and it didn't work for me at all. I went through a similar situation... just crashing and being a mess and attempting suicide. I think when you don't take it religiously, day in and day out it starts to have wierd effects on you.
My doctor switched me to Lexapro and it seems to be working great and doesn't really have any noticeable side effects.